Japanese New Years Feast - 2

Healthy Japanese Miso Soup 
雑煮 Zouni, Rice Cake Soup

Zoni (雑煮) literally means stew with many different ingredients.
It’s a traditional food for Japanese New Year.

 There are so many kinds of zoni.  People in different region make different style Zoni. 

Zoni, mochi(sticky rice cake) in soup, is a must in new years feast, however, people in some region eat grilled mochi. 

Tokyo style is a clear fish consomme soup with chicken, kamaboko(fish cake), komatsuna(green vegetable), shitake mushroom, Yuzu lemon peal and mochi.

Kyoto style is white miso soup with Kyotoks traditional vegetales such as Kyo ninjin (dark red carrot), Shogoin daikon (large turnip), Ebiimo (taro potato), and mochi, and put dried bonito flakes on top. 

I made my original Zoni this year.
It’s a miso soup like Kyoto style but I made with beef fillet mignion.

Japanese taro potato
Seri (green wild vegetable)
mochi (millet and sticky rice)
bonito powder
white miso (soy bean paste)

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